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Frequently asked questions

Visitor information

  • When is the museum open?

    The museum and the museum shop are open daily from 10 am & 6 pm. The museum is closed on April 26 and December 25.

  • What entrance fee does apply?

    Information on entrance fees can be found on the Information and prices page.

  • Duration of a visit

    A visit to the Rembrandt House Museum takes approximately 1 to 1,5 hours.

  • Do I have to make reservations for any exhibitions or activities?

    None of our demonstrations or exhibitions requires reservations. For our special activities like workshops and presentations, reservations are required. In case reservations are required it will always be identified as such.

  • Are there facilities for the Disabled?

    The accessibility to Rembrandt’s old house is difficult for the disabled, due to the many floors and narrow staircases. Elevator can reach the exhibition rooms in the new wing. There is a reduced admission charge for the disabled (7,50 euro p.p.). It is not possible to park in front of the museum: A parking place for the disabled is located nearby (ca. 200 m) at Waterlooplein. The museum has a special toilet for the disabled.

  • Can I bring my dog to the Rembrandt House?

    No, dogs and all other pet animals are not allowed in the Rembrandt House Museum, except for therapy dogs.

  • Does the museum have a cloakroom/lockers (where can I leave my bags)?

    The cloakroom is unguarded. Free (small) safes are available. There you can leave your bag or backpack. Small handbags (no larger than an A4 paper size) are permitted inside the museum. Suitcases cannot be accommodated.

  • Can I take photos in the museum?

    You are only permitted to take photos without a flash and videos without the use of lights. You are not permitted to take photographs or record video or film that requires the use of lights, flashbulbs and/or tripods without prior written permission from Marketing and PR Department of the Rembrandt House.

  • How can I get to the Rembrandt House Museum?

    The museum is located in the centre of Amsterdam, near the famous Waterlooplein and on a 15 minutes’ walk from Amsterdam’s Central Station. Information on how to get to the museum on thedirections page.

  • In which languages is the audio tour available?

    The use of the audio guide (Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese is included in the entrance fee. There is a special children’s audio tour in Dutch and English.

  • How can I financially support the museum?

    The Rembrandt House Museum derives income from admission charges, the museum shop and grants. But this is not enough. Sponsorship, gifts and the membership fees paid by the Friends of the Rembrandt House are an indispensable supplement. For an annual contribution of 30 euro (minimum) you can already become a Friend of the Rembrandt House.

Ticket sales


  • When does the demonstrations start and where?

    The demonstrations (etching and paint preparation) are free of charge and take place in Rembrandt’s former graphic workshop. Daily from 10:15 and 17:10 pm

  • Is there a museum cafe?

    The Rembrandt House Museum does not have any coffee or tea facilities. However, there are plenty bars and coffee corners in the neighbourhood.

  • Are there activities for children?

    There is a free discovery trail through the Rembrandt House for children. You can get the free discovery trail at the entrance of the museum.

  • Are there additional activities for adults?

    Apart from the etching and paint preparation demonstrations, we organise (summer) workshops, tours and presentations for adults. Please check our calendar here.

  • Venue Hire

    Rooms in the Rembrandt House Museum can be rented for corporate events or ceremonies.

  • Group visits

    A maximum of 15 persons are allowed in every individual room in the Rembrandt House Museum. Large groups have to be split up in small groups of 15 persons per group. Group visits should be booked two weeks in advance by e-mail, fax or telephone. / tel: 020 5200 400.

House rules of The Rembrandt House Museum

  • 1. Smoking

    Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

  • 2. Pets

    Pets are not permitted in the museum, with the exception of guide- and special-assistance dogs.

  • 3. Bags and luggage

    Bags, rucksacks, baby slings, umbrellas etc. must be left in the cloakroom. There are lockers for your use. Handbags are allowed. Bags may be checked by security staff.

  • 4. Cell phones

    Cell phones may not be used anywhere in the museum.

  • 5. Food and drink

    Eating and drinking is not permitted in the museum.

  • 6. Works of art

    Do not touch the works of art and keep at least 50 centimetres away from them.

  • 7. Writing and drawing

    If you are writing or drawing, please use something to rest on, for example a notebook. Do not use the walls to draw or write against.

  • 8. Theft, loss

    The Rembrandt House Museum is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal items or any damage caused to them.

  • 9. Photography & filming

    Taking photographs or filming is allowed, but the use of flash or tripods is not permitted. Photography and filming may be prohibited in some exhibitions.

  • 10. Safety

    Objects that constitute a risk to the security of the works of art or the building are prohibited.

  • 11. Emergency

    In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions given by the staff.

  • 12. Denial of access

    Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be denied access to the museum.

  • 13. Other visitors

    Please consider other visitors. Please do not talk too loudly.

  • 14. Wheelchairs and pushchairs

    Unfortunately the Rembrandt House (the old house) has no wheelchair access; however the exhibition galleries are accessible. Please ask the staff for assistance. Pushchairs and buggies are not permitted in the museum.

  • 15. Instructions by the staff

    Please follow instructions given by the museum staff at all times.

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